This Rubáiyát was translated by Edward FitzGerald. Most people are familiar with Edward FitzGerald's translation, but what they do not know is that he actually translated the Rubáiyát FIVE TIMES over a period of many years towards the end of the 1840s. So CEM laid out all five editions in a row on her livingroom carpet, and, stanza by stanza, line by line, word by word, tried to choose FitzGerald's Best (never done before). Her mother spent a whole year, painstaking with her Calligraphy. Most people in the past have illustrated the Rubáiyát. This editor put together what she considers the most beautiful Edmund Dulac together with the finest Willy Pogany all in one book (also never done before). This is a Trade Paperback of the original leather-bound collector's Limited Edition that sold for $1,600 a copy.
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