I thought I will write her after I have finished reading it. I can't finish it! Every time I start, I have to begin again at the beginning. I never get very far.

--Sherwood L. Fawcett,

A "Scrapbook for Sandy" is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a magical book to be read in the evening by the light of the moon. In life there are moments of joy. In your book those moments are on every page delighting eye, mind, and heart!

How I loved the dragon covers with dazzling holograms inside; the photographs - great tall Sandy, Darling little Alastair; and exquisite Chinese paintings of birds and waves, chrysanthemums and morning-glories. How I love Chinese paintings! And Robert Frost and Sandy's poems and great quotations to live by. Of course he got better when you made the Scrapbook for him! How could he not live longer when he was buoyed by such radiance?

--Alice Osborn
New Jersey

What a Joyous, wondrous, loving, exalting book

--Solomon Dutka,
New York City,
New York

There are pages of humor and delight, of great beauty, but also of contrary perspectives and a glimpse into the future of us all. And the painting of Huashan by Shi Lu, Cécile's barbed wire mountain, haunting.

--Donald Frothingham,
Mercer Island,

During the past weeks, I read a few pages of "A Scrapbook for Sandy" each morning with breakfast, looking out over the ocean towards the island hills. It was with a pang that I finally finished it today.

--Gordon Denford
British Columbia

What a triumph of artistry, fantasy and love! It tells nothing in conventional terms - yet tells all.

--Donald B. Strauss,
Mt. Desert,

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