It is the work of a poet inspired by the work of a poet, not a copy but a reproduction; not a translation, but the redelivery of a poetic inspiration. . .
Professor C. E. Norton
Harvard University
Reviewing one of Fitzgerald's
original translations


Just this week I found myself in a very poor frame of mind . . . I was worrying and fretting and unable to take pleasure in the many joys of my life, (a new son among them). I tried to distract myself. . . nothing seemed to work. Then my eyes fell on your book. It worked. My mind stopped racing and I felt peaceful. In your working notes at the end, you said you'd like to "provide shade and refresh the weary". You have done just that. Many thanks!
Sue Huff


The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - such beautiful illustrations, breathtaking in color and fascinating in detail, enhancing a script which is at once fanciful, mocking and wise.
Sheila May


Cecile's essay on the conclusion of Omar Khayyam is a masterpiece - but then Cecile has a genius in choosing words (and men).
Francis G. Winspear
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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